The Institute serves outpatients who require ongoing care but do not need to be hospitalized, patients who live a long distance from Lahore and worried about how would they be able get treatment daily as it is humanely not possible and feasible for the patients and for their respectable families to travel day and night for the treatment far off. Realizing the facts we came to a conclusion to provide our valuable clients a RELIEVE by constructing a REHABILITATION CENTRE of 48 Kanal Land in Lahore. Equipped with all Modern and latest facilities, patient can enjoy all the treatment facilities under one roof from Our Expert and Dedicated Team headed by the Dr. Kaleem Baig. 


  •    Asthama                                                   Impotence

  •       Freckles                                                    Autism

  •         M.S                                                         Blood pressure

  •       Migrane                                                     Backache

  •       Eczema                                                    Ulcer

  •       Obesity                                                     Paralysis

  •      Children Neuro Diseases                          Neuro Diseases

  •      Depression                                                Joint Pain

  •      Facial Paralysis                                         Allergy

Some Salient features are:

 >24 hours CCTV security monitoring

 >Standby Generators means NO LOADSHEDDING.

> Security Guards

> A very Healthy and a Positive Atmosphere

> Our 24/7 Dedicated team at Patients' service.

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