Drowning Case 

Fatima a drowning case, she is the niece of our country's famous writer Mr.Mustansar Hussain Tarar. Our Team, contacted the suffered family and now Alhamd-u-lilah she is alright and studying in Saudia Arabia. 

Below picture taken after the recovery. 

 Delayed Milestone

Tayyab Zaheer, a 26 year old guy. 

 Alhamd-u-lilah, now he is working at Hardees Restaurant, Pakistan as a Kitchen Manager. The manager told us that he is fully dedicated to work, and he loves to spend his time in working.

 The above photo was taken on 23rd september 2009, now you can very well imagine that this was the photo taken before the movie bol, Asim Jofa fabrics, Mehdi and Q-mobile ads. How much she got effected from our treatments. Alhamd-u-lilah, after getting treatment from us, you can find her often on tv commercials, movies or in Advertisements (Hoardings StoneAge, Jofa). She came on ARY morning show and on Humtv too.

NOTE:  Don't think that 'Our Success' is thats all above you have seen, there are more yet to be come. The pictures you saw on the Homepage of this site are also the patients who recovered from us. Thanks to Almighty ALLAH, Only with his blessings, love and support  it is possible for us to cure the severe ailments.

 Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

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